*takes off shirt in front of girl* you like this? i got this pink line from sitting down for a long time. sometimes i get two lines.

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Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.

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She scares me. She scares the living soul out of me. That’s normal right? To love someone so much that it scares the fuck out of you? There’s a warmth that explodes in my chest when I see her dance around the kitchen because I never thought that watching her cook dinner could be such a beautiful thing. The way she sways around in her yoga pants and tastes her cooking; I swear even I envy the spoon that touches her lips. She scares me. She scares the living soul out of me. Because I can’t help but laugh at her clumsiness and how she forgets her own recipes, like forgetting the cheese, or avocado, or something so insignificant. She’s offered me water twice now and I sit patiently at the table wondering when she’ll realize she’s forgotten all about it. A light flickers in me, she lifts me up with her flaws and her insecurities; I never thought that someone’s imperfections could do that to me. She scares me. She scares the living soul out of me. That’s normal right? That I love how she constantly rechecks the oven or the stove or how she glances at the TV whenever she has the chance to. I love how she makes coffee and how her cup somehow always contains more milk and sugar than actual coffee. I love her OCD and how she has to plate the food perfectly and how she smiles when she’s content with her cooking. There’s something scary about how you can grow to love someone more for their passions. How their happiness fills the voids in your heart and how her goals and dreams in life somehow become a part of your hopes. She scares me. She scares the living soul out of me because never did I think that this moment is all I ever needed. I never realized that sitting here watching her, is all I ever needed to feel whole. She scares me; she scares the living soul out of me because I never knew that loving someone this much was ever possible.
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I have tried,
tried to fix everything you have broken.

My heart,
which once was whole, but now is severed,
can no longer beat steady rhythms.
You seem to have left it in this state
where all it can manage
is a disjointed pattern, one that
not even the evilest
or the saddest of beings
could ever live with.

My friends,
they no longer long to see me,
no longer long to be with me
because I am sad,
and raw sadness is an emotion few have felt.
But I do not blame them,
for now, even when
I am with them, I am not
truly there, and it’s easier
for them to make excuses
than to deal with this mutilated version
that is supposedly me

My Mind,
which once was filled
with wondrous ideas,
and inquiring questions,
has become plagued with terrible thoughts,
and haunting answers, that
no soul would want to know about.
My subconscious, soaked in melancholy,
has seeped through the cracks and crevasses which once
did not exist.
And in this ocean of sorrow,
I find myself drowning.

I am trying,
trying to fix everything you have broken.
I sit in the ever growing darkness
that is night,
and I try to fix myself
so that maybe you will love me again.
Until then, I will spend every moonlit hour
struggling to amend my damaged entity,
while you lay in bed, unaware,
fast asleep.
-  ”I remember when this wasn’t about you,”   - Stephanie Mills (via life-is—for-living)

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those songs that start in one earbud and flow into the next


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